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Discussions, tips, and debates from security practitioners and vendors on how to work better together to improve security for themselves and everyone else.

We admit we've posted some rather embarrassing posts on social media. In particular, my co-host, Mike Johnson, talks about a post he initially regretted, but then realized it's what brought all of us together. In fact, it's a post that initiated much of the discussion we're having today about the relationships between CISOs and security vendors.

On this week's episode of the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast, we discuss:

  • A CISO that eagerly wants to talk to security vendors: CISO of Mitel, and former guest, Allan Alford sent a shock through the industry when he said he was going to reserve time to actually speak with security vendors. Why was this announcement such a big deal?
  • One CISO and one CTO admit to posts they regret: Turns out posts you wish you didn't write actually shake up the pot so much that they form relations, like the two you hear on this show.
  • We play "What's Worse?!" Possibly our toughest round of the game ever. Hint: think security policies.
  • What Do You Think of This Pitch? Mike and our guest dissect a pitch from a listener. They advise what should be taken out, and what should be put in its place.
  • Ask a CISO: Do CISOs need consultative resellers? When are they valuable? If not now, were they valuable?
  • And as always, we've got launch with a great 10-second security tip.

Today's episode is hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), founder, Spark Media Solutions and Mike Johnson, CISO, Lyft. Our guest this week is Mike D. Kail (@mdkail), CTO of

Thinkst - Canary

This episode is sponsored by Thinkst, makers of Canary deception devices. Read how much their customers love their product here. We thank Thinkst for sponsoring this episode of the podcast.

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